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House Republicans fulfilled their duty to the American people by voting to keep the government open for business and fully fund CHIP for the next 6 years.

 Nearly every House Democrat voted to shut down the government and let CHIP funding expire for 8.9 million recipients, putting politics ahead of our military and low income children—we’ll make sure voters never forget it!

The onus is now on Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats to keep the government open.

Let’s be clear: Senate Democrats support everything in the bill the House passed; they are simply using the filibuster to shut down the government to try to get something entirely unrelated.

And because of their actions, they’re now holding our military members and low-income children’s health care hostage.

The position of House Republicans is simple: keep the government open and CHIP funded—while we work out a bipartisan deal on immigration.  Meanwhile, members of both parties—in both of the House and Senate—are meeting to work out such a deal.

It doesn’t matter who controls the branches of government, the Senate cannot pass a bill if it doesn’t have 60 votes. 

For that to happen, Democrats need to show some bipartisanship and vote to keep the government open.

Unfortunately, Democrats are capitulating to the rabid activist wing of their party at the expense of critical services.

 Every Democrat on the ballot in 2018 will answer for this!

 Fund the government. Fund CHIP. Do it now!

Elections do have consequences...